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bioPic.jpg My name is Carrie Louise Daenell, ND. As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and as an internationally recognized expert in raw materials and nutritional supplement formulation, I design dramatically affective protocols and targeted, physician-quality nutritional supplements in order to: Optimize the Aging Process through bio-identical hormone balancing, Heal the Aging Metabolism for increased energy, brain clarity and weight balancing, Conduct Sustainable Weight loss Programs that enhance health, vitality and prevent disease in a manner that preserves muscle mass, reinstates the metabolism through enhanced cellular energy production and continues long after the diet is over, Reverse Bone Density Challenges, Manage the Stress response and minimize its effects on the body, Support healthy restorative sleep, Balance Cholesterol Levels and Restore Digestive Health in the face of Food Allergies, Digestive System Diagnosis and Auto Immune Challenges. Co-Author of Better Breast Health for Life!, you may have seen me on PBS or local/regional TV talk shows or News Programs. You can learn more about me at or call me at 303.399.8050.

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