Genetic Testing: We Have the Technology!

What if you could look into your genetic make-up and determine which chronic degenerative disease states you might be pre-disposed to develop?  Well, now you can!  Laboratory testing is now available to show you just that.  The benefit of knowing this information is that you can act preventatively in order to support the specific biochemical pathways in your body that were programmed in a deficient way, allowing you to make up for that deficiency.  With this information I can apply my understanding of natural medicine to your specific genetic deficiencies and create a preventative protocol from the pure, potent, high quality tools (physician-quality nutritional supplements) that you are accustomed to using in my practice, tailored for your individual needs.  This is a dream come true for Naturopathic Physicians and their patients seeking to help prevent, rather than treat disease! 

Genetic experts, previously senior officers with Quest Diagnostics, a world leading authority on genetic testing, have aligned themselves with leaders in the more scientific arenas of natural and preventative medicine to create test panels that will offer me the ability to look into a patient’s genetic make-up and help them create an individualized lifestyle of prevention.  This technology is very new.  It was launched in Los Angeles on Thursday October 16th 2003 at a continuing medical education seminar that I attended.  Currently there are two panels available.  The first panel is considered a basic panel covering aspects of cardio, immune, detoxification, bone, oxidation and photo-aging health.  The second panel takes an in-depth look into cardiovascular risk.  Further, the testing itself is non-invasive as it involves simple cheek-swabbing for mucosal cells.

Testing is available to patients receiving consultative care in my practice.  It is available to local and long distance patients. 

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