Your body is filled with environmental toxins, and what you don’t see CAN hurt you!

It is no longer a question of do we need to detoxify, but how best to detoxify our bodies

Our bodies absorb toxins every day, even if we stay nestled indoors. Toxins found in our blood and urine include industrial compounds, pollutants, and chemicals linked to birth defects, immune system toxicity and cancer.  It’s time to “take out the trash”!

What you don’t see can hurt you. We think of a mother’s breast milk as being one of the most natural things in the world. Yet synthetic perfumes have been detected in breast milk at five times the levels noted just a decade ago. Our food safety is also a concern, with bacteria and mercury levels making headlines. Even indoors, the levels of airborne pollutants may be 25 to 100 times higher than outdoors! We can’t live in a bubble!  Clearly, everyone should consider detoxifying their bodies.

I often recommend detoxification to help patients eliminate waste materials and toxins from their bodies, and to strengthen their elimination and immune function. A successful detox does not require harsh stimulant laxatives. It uses balanced fibers and toxin-binding substances, stimulates liver function and bile production, provides targeted nutrients to support the neutralization of toxins and ensures their complete elimination from the body in order to avoid reabsorbing and recirculation of those toxins, and gently increases bowel movement to eliminate waste.”

Stop the toxicity!

  • Drink clean spring or purified water.
  • When available, choose organic foods to avoid exposure to pesticides and other unwanted chemicals.
  • Clean up your body with a safe, natural cleanse. “To be effective, use a protocol that is individualized to your needs, is powerful to effectively remove toxins while binding them up and neutralizing them on the way out.  This ensures that your detox is a “feel good” experience, because when done right – a detox doesn’t have to hurt.
  • Once or twice a year, and especially for the six months after a round of antibiotics, replenish your body’s ‘friendly’ bacteria with an effective probiotics supplement (acidophilus and bifidus). Be careful in choosing the right supplement.   Many are not as potent as the label would indicate, don’t survive the heat of shipping or can contain other bacterial contaminates which compromise digestive health. 
  • Schedule an appointment in our office to discuss a supervised “deep cleanse” tailored to your circumstances.  While this detoxification work is much more thorough than the over-the-counter and self-programs, it is also more comfortable.  Most people report “feeling great” while on these detoxification protocols.

Reward yourself during and after the cleansing process with something other than food. “Choose a walk, book, vacation, CD or anything memorable to remind you of the positive experience.”

Did you know…

High Mercury Levels Found in One-Fourth of Adults One-quarter of adult New Yorkers, roughly 1.4 million people, have elevated levels of mercury in their blood, mainly from eating certain fish, according to survey results released yesterday by the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The New York Times:

In a lifetime the average American consumes:  6500 hot dogs, 20,000 M&M’s, 35,000 cookies and 70,000 cups of coffee.

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