Bouncy Bendy Bones

Bouncy Bendy Bones

Collagen promotes bone density and their ability to be more flexible - I like to call it "bouncy and bendy bones" which are better than brittle breakable bones. Promoting collagen production is enhanced when estrogen levels are healthy, nutritional building blocks and co-factors are present and more collagen = better skin, nails, hair, vessels and muscle too! This is on my short list of anti-aging strategies.

The most important nutrient for this is a silicae that won't polymerize in stomach acid, of course, as I discussed in an earlier post.  Why?  Because "normal" silicae changes when it hits the stomach and those changes prevent it from ever becoming the collagen our bodies need.

True story - for all its health benefits I originally found this for MYSELF and it was for my skin because I didn't want to accept the changes in my skin without a fight!  This was several years ago.  Some people have accused me of "de-aging".  I can live with that!  Nice to know that my quest for vanity also yields some very important health benefits.

Now in the store...

Bone health support that delivers!  This is what me and my patients use to look forward to their next bone density test!  Convenient twice a day packs has it all in easy, travel friendly packets.