Confessions of a Food Eliminator - The Myth of Clean Diet Cure

Confessions of a Food Eliminator

The Myth of the Clean Diet Cure - If you are reading this... you have been there.  Its a sad cross between guilt and deprivation.  I would like to invite you to let it go.

How many times have a I sat across from a discourage, struggling patient that has confessed, if only I could have stuck to it, I am sure the elimination diet would have worked... I just wasn't strong enough.

First let me confess... I did stick to it.  I still ended up discouraged and struggling.  It just didn't work.

Sure... with every next deprivation, or as they say "elimination", I experienced some temporary form of partial relief from my health challenges, but over time something very mysterious happened... the more I eliminated, the more I needed to eliminated.  And the less and less I was able to eat, the more challenging my health became.

Talk about not worth it!

If a perfectly Clean Diet could cure those challenged enough to pursue it, many of them would be well by now.  I can say, with confidence, that if a Clean Diet were enough to Cure... I would have been well years prior to my actually restoring my health at the causal level and resolving my health challenges.  I gave it a really good go.

Don't get me wrong... I believe in a healthy, organic, variety of nutritionally dense foods.  I believe in eating well.  Its an absolute "must" as a foundation for healing at the most causal level of disease.  But is it enough?  For some people... no.

When you know that foods bother your health condition... there might be something more than eliminating them.  Total digestive system repair, achieved through the consistent application of targeted nutritional supplements, all day every day, at the same time, over time, just might be the way forward.  I know, because I did this work 20 years ago, and haven't looked back, since.  As a Doctor... I have guided the toughest cases back to normal, over the past 18 years.  Treat the cause and resolve the challenge... don't just manage the misery... not even with a perfectly Clean Diet.

Digestion as the Underlying Cause

From auto immune challenges, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, brain chemistry imbalance through lung and systemic immune problems... it never ceases to amaze, after years in practice, how very important comprehensive digestive health is to everything else in the body.

I like to say that the gut is like "Mama"... if it aint happy, aint nothing in the body happy!  It's true!  So much arises in the digestive system.  While it certainly serves to make sure nutrients come in and waste leaves our body... it is so much more.

Did you know that over 90% of your serotonin is produced from cells that line the intestines?  Serotonin is important for mood (like depression, anxiety and irritability), sleep and also plays a key role in blood sugar stability.  It's easy to imagine, therefore, if the digestive system is beaten down and unhealthy... that these important systems might take a hit, as well.

Did you know that over 70% of your immune cells exist in that same intestinal lining?  It's a busy place doing important work!  A compromised digestive system might often lead to compromised immune function.  That's no good for people that "seem to catch everything."  What's worse, are those that feel so broken and sick in general, but their blood tests are "perfectly normal" when they go to the doctor... but they never seem to get a cold, at all.  What's going on there?  Maybe their body can't even mount a healthy response to a virus, at all.

When the digestive system is really unhealthy over a long period of time, it can become "leaky".  Leaky Gut (or as it is described in the medical research literature "intestinal permeability") can lead to a whole host of tough health challenges, including a cross-over auto immune reaction driving any number of auto immune diagnosis' that were never "meant to be" genetically, a significant burden to the liver (even when you eat healthy and never drink or consume acetaminophen).  Why?  Because what should be passing through the bowel and out of the body (like toxins and undigested proteins) accidentally get absorbed ("leaking" through) making the liver work harder and triggering the production of antibodies that you don't need, that might accidentally go on to attack your own tissue.  Not good.

What can you do? 

My patients already eat right, move as is possible, and have tried every food elimination diet out there.  We use targeted nutritional supplements to rebuild the digestive system in a comprehensive way.  They take quite a few things, at the same time, over time, all day, every day... for 6-24 months, sometimes... but they get on top of the downward spiral of poor gut health, reverse the challenges and restore their health, permanently.  How do I know how to do this, so well?  I was my own first patient.  See the "About" link on my home page to watch a video on my own story.  I was very sick for 10 years and have been wildly well for 20.  I know what it means to be broken and I know what to do to recover.

Comprehensive Strategy

  • Digestion

  • Detoxification

  • Balance Flora

  • Reduce Free Radicals

  • Calm Inflammation

  • Repair the Lining

When you have the right raw materials in the targeted nutritional supplement formulas and you know how to put them together to treat the cause... it is amazing how the body will heal itself.

Eliminate the Elimination Diet

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