Confessions of a Food Eliminator - The Myth of Clean Diet Cure

Confessions of a Food Eliminator

The Myth of the Clean Diet Cure - If you are reading this... you have been there.  Its a sad cross between guilt and deprivation.  I would like to invite you to let it go.

How many times have a I sat across from a discourage, struggling patient that has confessed, if only I could have stuck to it, I am sure the elimination diet would have worked... I just wasn't strong enough.

First let me confess... I did stick to it.  I still ended up discouraged and struggling.  It just didn't work.

Sure... with every next deprivation, or as they say "elimination", I experienced some temporary form of partial relief from my health challenges, but over time something very mysterious happened... the more I eliminated, the more I needed to eliminated.  And the less and less I was able to eat, the more challenging my health became.

Talk about not worth it!

If a perfectly Clean Diet could cure those challenged enough to pursue it, many of them would be well by now.  I can say, with confidence, that if a Clean Diet were enough to Cure... I would have been well years prior to my actually restoring my health at the causal level and resolving my health challenges.  I gave it a really good go.

Don't get me wrong... I believe in a healthy, organic, variety of nutritionally dense foods.  I believe in eating well.  Its an absolute "must" as a foundation for healing at the most causal level of disease.  But is it enough?  For some people... no.

When you know that foods bother your health condition... there might be something more than eliminating them.  Total digestive system repair, achieved through the consistent application of targeted nutritional supplements, all day every day, at the same time, over time, just might be the way forward.  I know, because I did this work 20 years ago, and haven't looked back, since.  As a Doctor... I have guided the toughest cases back to normal, over the past 18 years.  Treat the cause and resolve the challenge... don't just manage the misery... not even with a perfectly Clean Diet.