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Eliminate the Elimination Diet - Digestive Repair

Eliminate the Elimination Diet - Digestive Repair

Food allergies... the more you eliminate, the longer your elimination list gets? 

Tired of the social isolation and emotional deprivation from not tolerating a variety of healthy whole foods?

Sick and tired with so many other things going on?

Maybe there is something out of balance on a deeper level.  Maybe it connects to and causes many seemingly different things that are really all connected.  Maybe Total Digestive Repair is your way back to health.  Come learn:

  • Why you react to perfectly healthy foods
  • What is at the root cause of those reactions
  • How to fix this unhealthy imbalance and help your body respond normally again
  • All the ways that digestive health is whole body health and just like "Mama"... if "the gut ain't happy, aint nothin' happy in your body"

That is a very special lecture, to me, because it is my personal story.  I don't offer it all the time because it isn't everyone's story - but for those that relate, its a game-changer. 

Join us for this special edition of 2nd Tuesday Know How Nights - Wine, Nibbles and Know How.  RSVP right here on this pag

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