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Smart Bones

There's more to bone health than calcium and meds!

Care about your bones, but concerned about the risks and side effects of the Bone Meds? 

Taken calcium "forever" and never seen your scores change?

Wondering if there is another way - that really works?

Osteoporosis wrecks more lives than many of the "scarier" more high-profile diseases.  Its very important, but the conventional treatments are not as straightforward as we'd like to think they are.  What can you do?  Come learn:

  • How bones are directly related to nutrition, and yet simply "a good calcium" doesn't change your scores
  • All of the nutrients involved in building and maintaining strong bones
  • The natural "choreographer" that directs how bones make bone the bones naturally make bone - which is far different than the way meds direct the job
  • The turn-key way to reverse the trend, build stronger bones and score better on your next test

Join us for this special edition of 2nd Tuesday Know How Nights - Wine, Nibbles and Know How.  RSVP right here on this page.

Earlier Event: October 24
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