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When the Fat is Not Your Fault

When the Fat is Not Your Fault

Doing everything right, yet getting it all wrong? 

Yo-Yo dieting bringing body fat back with a vengeance?

Living the same healthy, balanced lifestyle you always have, yet packing on the pounds with each new year?

Its not just you!  There are real reasons for these frustrating scenarios - reasons that can be supported at the causal level.  Come learn how to:

  • Heal your aging metabolism
  • Lose the right kind of weight so it doesn't all come back when the diet is over
  • Tweak your healthy diet for better results
  • Influence the way your own genetics leans toward fat production or leans toward lean... and along with it, away from chronic degenerative illness.

Join us for this special edition of 2nd Tuesday Know How Nights - Wine, Nibbles and Know How.  RSVP right here on this page.