Event Highlights - Beyond the Numbers 2nd Tuesday

Top 3 "that's news to me" highlights from the audience:

1.  Myth:  High Cholesterol = High Risk for Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Events.

Truth:  Cholesterol levels across the globe are not even remotely correlated to heart disease and cardiovascular events.  Who said that?  World Health Organization Cardiologist Dr. Malcom Kendrick. 

2.  Myth:  Statin Medications Dramatically Reduce Risk for Cardiovascular Disease and Events.

Truth:  It took a really long time and "many tries" to get the research to show that statin drugs had even the tiniest effect on cardiovascular disease and events, while something as simple as clean, stable fish oil changes everything, and dramatically (90% at 1,000mg per day after 3 months). 

3.  Myth:  Red Yeast Rice works "just like statin medication, has the same side effects and only changes the numbers.

Truth:  Red Yeast Rice does so much more for the health of the heart and the vessels than just change the numbers... which it does quite well... and it works very differently, in many ways, so it doesn't hurt the liver like statin medications can (IF you get the right form - Citrinin-Free).