Metabolism: Fat After 40

  • Doing everything right and getting it all wrong?
  • Losing it, then gaining it back and then some?
  • Smart Strategies for Leaning toward a Leaner version of you... there is science behind sustainable weight balancing.

Heart numbers:  beyond the meds

  • Can I correct my numbers without meds?
  • When do the numbers matter?
  • Are there other ways to look at living stronger through a healthier cardiovascular system?

Hormones: Menopause Cake

  • What if I could have my hormone sanity and reduce my risk, too?
  • Does estrogen have health benefits like Alzheimers prevention?
  • How can I help my prescribing practitioner help me with Bio Identical Hormones?

Digestion: food allergy fix

  • Can I change the way my body responds to food, instead of eliminating them?
  • Why does my "food list" keep getting longer instead of shorter?
  • How do I treat the cause and get my life back?

Bones: Smart Bones beyond Calcium & Meds

  • Sally recommends the bone meds, why is there so much controversy around them?
  • I've taken calcium and my scores don't change, what else is there?
  • Can I reverse the trend?

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