“I have been going to Dr Daenell for about 10 years. I first started going to her for digestive problems. Through her help and supplements my digestive problems have cleared up considerably. She also helped me with my energy level. Now, many in my family also go to her. She also found a supplement that I have been taking for macular degeneration and my retinologist has taken surgery off the books. ”

— Elaine

What to Expect


Does optimizing your health require a more individualized plan?  Lets work one on one.  This way, I have the opportunity to understand all the details that make up your health story.  We can work in person, or from a distance.  Our work will safely and effectively complement the conventional care that you already receive.  My patients maintain relationships with their conventional providers and I am always happy to talk with them.

It is very important to me that you get what you came for - better.  You can probably tell from my website that people challenged in the areas of Digestion (allergies, auto immune), Metabolism (weight, energy and graceful aging), Hormones (mood, sleep, stress), Bones and Heart do very well in my practice.  If you have questions about any other health challenges or about what to expect when we work together, just give us a call.  It is important to me that we both feel that we are a best-fit for the important work that we will do together.  I am happy to make a more appropriate referral if I believe that is best for you.

Your Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will take at least an hour. Please allow ample time for us to work together, in the event that we have the need and the luxury of running a little longer.  I will review your forms, any lab and imaging results that we have in front of us, send for those we don’t, listen to your whole life story (because you would be amazed at what actually figures into the work I do) and then create a plan for you to follow.  I will educate you about what, I believe, is going on with your body – that which underlies your health challenges -- and then educate you as to how the items in your plan will support those underlying imbalances and challenges.  Your plan may include lifestyle changes, however most of my patients have a good foundation in their lifestyle when they meet with me for the first time. The tools we use will be primarily in the form of targeted physician-quality nutritional supplements.

I use my raw-materials and formulation expertise to our advantage when choosing the supplements most targeted to your case.  They come from my office.  Some of them are physician-quality brands and some of them are from my own line – a line I have developed through my expertise with raw materials and clinical experience.  Manufacturers for all of the nutritional supplements in my office adhere to either GMP manufacturing standards (put forth by the FDA) or they are FDA Drug-Registered Manufacturing facilities.

The cost of your initial consultation is $495, and is due at the time of our consultation. The investment you will make in the nutritional supplements that support your plan will be in addition to your consultation charge and will vary with every individual, of course.  It has ranged from less than $100 per month, all the way through to more than $1,000, as everyone is different and I have worked with some very involved cases.  It truly depends on the case.  If you feel that we can make a more specific "guess-timation" for you prior to our work together, please reach out to my office staff for this kind of information.  We will do our best to be more accurate.

Follow-up Consultations

Your follow-up consultation will take about 20-30 minutes, and will be scheduled as such.  If either of us believes that our work for that consultation will require more time, please ask to schedule a longer appointment, ahead of time. In this way, I can be respectful of the other people on my schedule.  This consultation will occur approximately four weeks after your initial consultation.  From there, your case (you and I) will decide when additional follow-up consultations will occur.  The cost of your follow-up consultation is $295.

I do not charge by the minute.  If a consultation runs short or long, the charges are the same.  Charges for in-person and phone (distance) appointments are the same.

As the state of Colorado begins to regulate the profession of Naturopathic Medicine, we must document everything we do in a way that significantly increases the time it takes to advise someone on their case.  I will conduct that documentation in a way that meets and exceeds the State of Colorado’s regulations as my commitment to my ability to continue to practice.  I will not compromise my adherence to these standards by working on the fly, after hours, "real quick by email" or in any other way outside of a formal office consultation.  I will always have a chart in front of me, a patient will have my full attention and I will have the time to document our interaction in full accordance with the regulations.

If you are experiencing an emergency - call 911, visit an urgent care facility or an emergency room.  If your concerns are not urgent and you would like to work through them with me sooner than your next scheduled appointment - please phone our office and find a time that works for both of us as soon as possible.  If your questions are administrative in nature, please feel free to reach out to our office staff Monday through Friday from 10am until 5pm.


I do not practice as a primary care provider, write prescriptions or conduct physical exams.  I don’t work with suicidal depression, cancer, kidneys or insulin-dependent diabetes.  I do not work with children under the age of 9.  I do not engage in multi-level-marketing.  Insurance never pays for the services I provide while “flexible spending” plans often reimburse my patients, directly, for it.  I don’t provide diagnosis or treatment codes and my office does not process any insurance or third-party payment paperwork.  All of these “dont's” keep me focused on what I am good at, where I can really make a difference and they keep me on the right side of the Colorado law.


  1. Contact my office to make an appointment.

  2. Complete your intake paperwork and return it to us prior to your appointment.

  3. Include a list of prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs and supplements that you are currently using. If you are coming to my office, bring the bottles with you.

  4. Include any lab and imaging reports that you may have in your possession. If you have conducted labs or imaging but do not have copies of the results, we will send a “medical records release form” in order to obtain those results from your ordering providers, when we begin to work together.

  5. Park wisely. If there is a meter, over-estimate the time you will need to be there. Look for resident-only, street cleaning and general no-parking signs, as they are everywhere! In my neighborhood, the parking tickets flow like water. We have parking for our patients behind the building, up a small ramp, accessible from the alley. If there is space available there, you may enjoy using it.

If you are working with me from a distance, please note the time zone differences.  I work by phone.

If your appointment cannot be made as soon as you would like, please add your name to the wait-list.  We give that list our utmost attention when an appointment unexpectedly becomes available.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please remember that we saved that time just for you, simply because you asked us to - and there are others that would like to put it to good use if you don’t want it.  Simply give us the courtesy of letting us know as soon as you know.  Thank you.