Supplements that Work

For over 20 years, Dr. Daenell has been helping patients reach their optimum health without the use of drugs. Through the use of specialty supplements, she has helped patients resolve the most challenging array of chronic illnesses. An expert on anti-aging, she was invited to speak at the Swiss International Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine and Surgery. For more information on Dr. Daenell’s practice, and to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation, get in touch today!



Now Offering Free Classes

Please join us in our Denver offices for wine, nibbles, gift bags, and more. In this FREE monthly class series we will explore an array of different health topics and discuss ways in which you can be proactive in reaching and maintaining your optimum health. Virtual access is available for those unable to come in person.


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Hear What Patients Are Saying


“I have been Dr. Daenell’s patient for 16 years. She is a brilliant woman that is dedicated to her profession. Instead of writing prescriptions for symptoms she treats the cause of the medical issue.
I am blessed to have her in my life.”

– Cheryl