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Testimonial  -

I am a 56 yr. old woman who 2 years ago felt like a 70 yr. old woman who was dying. Working full time as a nurse, it was all I could do to come home after work and just relax. Cooking meals and doing laundry were chores that required energy that I just did not have. We ended up getting “take out” food quite often, or “going out to eat” simply because I did not have the energy to make dinner. My husband was the one who would have to haul the clean laundry from the basement laundry room to the second floor bedrooms because I simply would be out of breath and “oomph”. I ended up hiring a cleaning service for the house. More and more ended up on my husbands plate to do, just because I simply couldn’t do it. I looked healthy enough and no one could tell by looking at me that I felt as bad as I did.

I went to my internal medicine doctor for an annual exam and had lab work done. It showed that I had a high calcium level caused by a parathyroid tumor. Surgery was performed to remove it and I felt a little better. I knew there was still something that “wasn’t right”. A neighbor referred me to a nutritionist and I began a program with her that would restore my “unhealthy bowel system”. Working with her was very helpful and I knew I was onto something, but it was going to take a long time. The same neighbor referred me to a chiropractor who had helped her. He started me on an “amino acid” supplement that also helped me start to feel a little better as well as giving me back and neck adjustments that removed my “TMJ” problems. After a few months of this, my energy went from a one to about a four. I saw the show Colorado and Company and Dr. Daenell was on the show. Listening to her, I decided that her work might be “the missing link” of information I needed to improve my health. This past spring, I called her office to set up the 15 min. consultation. In talking with her, she was very kind, very optimistic and open about what she could help me do to improve my health. I set up an appointment with her receptionist for about 6 weeks. During my appointment, Dr. Daenell listened and asked questions then started me on a regime of supplements. She has answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable about the body and how the supplements may improve health. She was also very kind and used humor at times to help me through the rough patches.

My health has improved tremendously as well as my energy level.

I now feel like a woman my age ought to feel. I no longer need a cleaning service. I am able to cook, clean and do laundry without needing assistance. I have lost 20 lbs and my clothes are loose on me. I continue improve and look forward to the future.

Thank you Dr. Daenell

Jessica C

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