When a patient writes a book about your work, together...


It is a rare and special thing when the work you do with a patient, moves them to write a book.  It honors the process, gives voice to real solutions that don't always get conventional recognition, and most importantly, it speaks hope and a way forward for people struggling in ways that feel impossible at times.

Dan Pecaut tells a no-nonsense story of his journey from conservative skeptic, through the Mayo Clinic, all the way to going all-in on restoring his health, as a way of resolving an illness that was otherwise diagnosed as "hopeless".

Why did it work?  Because we addressed the underlying causes related to why his body was expressing this disease, instead of chasing its symptoms.  

Before working with Dan I had helped many patients with immune, infectious, inflammatory and autoimmune challenges in their lungs.  Since his book, so many more.  

While the various diagnosis differ with each organ system effected, the underlying health challenges driving the opportunity for immune, autoimmune, infectious and inflammatory diseases to occur and persist, all have important core issues in common.  Restoring health and resolving illness in the face of these core issues has been my passion, since I began practice.  Since that time, I have helped people with some of the most "impossible" cases become whole again.  It never gets old.