Hear What Patients Are Saying

“Dr. Daenell is patient, kind, empathetic, and takes the time to understand your detailed health history so she can make the most informed diagnosis possible - no detail too small. Through Dr. Daenell, I was able to find relief to my stomach pain and nausea that thousands of dollars towards traditional Western medicine doctors were unable to diagnose and or treat. I highly recommend Dr. Daenell! ”

— Ali

“I have been Dr. Daenell’s patient for 16 years.  She is a brilliant woman that is dedicated to her profession.  Instead of writing prescriptions for symptoms she treats the cause of the medical issue.   I am blessed to have her in my life.”

— Cheryl

“Dr. Daenell is truly a jewel! I clearly remember my first visit with Dr Daenell - I was barely dragging myself through the day while failing miserably to recover from surgery. After listening intently to the cascade of concerns I poured out Dr Daenell, used supplements to successfully guide my body’s self healing process. She worked on a personalized plan to address the cause of the digestive issues I had suffered through for years before the situation arose that led to the emergency surgery. I became stronger and was able to return to work and really to life! I continue to rely on Dr. Daenell’s competence in concert with my traditional medicine specialists, to face other life issues head on without the unpleasant side effects conventional medicine causes for me. As noted at bastyr.edu, a Naturopathic doctor is a primary care physician who blends centuries old knowledge and a philosophy that nature is the most effective healer with current research on health and human systems. Dr Daenell is truly a premier provider of primary naturopathic health care!”

— Jo

“For 16 years my health got progressively worse while under the care of western trained medical doctors for RECURRENT respiratory and sinus infections. I would get sick about 8 to 10 times a year with each illness lasting at least 2 weeks and in the last few years of that cycle I seemed to be getting weaker needing longer recovery time. My doctors (I went through a few) treated each case as a separate “cold” or “virus” despite my concerns that the episodes were connected. Finally, I found Dr. Daenell. At my first appointment she assured me the root cause of my recurring illness could be fixed. She diagnosed my circumstances as resulting from an overactive and overstimulated immune system. Following her recommended dietary changes and supplement protocol I was able to eliminate my respiratory and sinus problems and have been free from that cycle of illness for the last 12 years. Since then Dr. Daenell helped me manage menopause, too. She’s the only doctor I trust to advise me with a holistic approach to maximizing my health as I age.”

— Alexandra

“I have been going to Dr Daenell for about 10 years. I first started going to her for digestive problems. Through her help and supplements my digestive problems have cleared up considerably. She also helped me with my energy level. Now, many in my family also go to her. She also found a supplement that I have been taking for macular degeneration and my retinologist has taken surgery off the books.”

— Elaine