“Dr. Daenell is patient, kind, empathetic, and takes the time to understand your detailed health history so she can make the most informed diagnosis possible - no detail too small. Through Dr. Daenell, I was able to find relief to my stomach pain and nausea that thousands of dollars towards traditional Western medicine doctors were unable to diagnose and or treat. I highly recommend Dr. Daenell! ”

— Ali

An Introduction

Hello. Thank you for spending time here. The information here is designed to help you access to a smarter, healthier way of taking care of yourself, whether you live in Denver, or anywhere else in the United States.

We like to know why certain health challenges arise in our bodies, what to do about them and how nutritional support actually works to heal the underlying imbalances that give rise to those health challenges. Understanding gives us the power to make informed choices, and is the first step toward owning a better life. Getting the right form of nutrient or herbal support is critical for normalizing the underlying imbalances – we like to use the form that is actually going to work, and not something "sort of like it." Cut to the chase, get the right stuff and get better! If that is how you like to make sense of your life, you will enjoy working with me.


If you're new here, I invite you to explore the 5 areas where my patients consistently enjoy dramatic results:  metabolism, digestion, heart, bones, and hormones. Sign up and we will keep you updated on events, useful tips and emerging science in natural medicine.  If you want to access a select set of the nutritional supplements my patients are using to achieve results, you can find them here in the shop for supplements area of this site.

If you want to work directly with me, (even if you're not in Denver), you can learn more about that here. If you are looking for a speaker or if you would like to request a media interview, you can find out more here.


I am a Naturopathic Doctor. I am driven to share the power and freedom of a healthier life, with those that value that power and freedom. There is so much more than doing "nothing" we can do, in order to live our own best life. There is a huge difference between "taking what comes" and proactively designing and optimizing our own path. Health – energy, vitality, freedom from disease and pain . . . when we have this underneath us, the rest of our dreams are more possible. I am all about those possibilities for everyone that I encounter.

I am also results-obsessed. I like it when I get what I came for. I want that for the people that trust my advice, as well. I love working with my patients. They are incredible human beings and it is a joy to guide their efforts to make a better life for themselves. Throughout my career I have also worked on the "raw-materials" side of the nutritional supplement industry. This gives me and my patients the advantage of knowing what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Our work is targeted, specific and dramatically effective. How fun is that? I have a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, I'm a licensed primary care physician in the state of Washington, registered Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Colorado, an author, speaker, frequent guest on PBS health programming and always in volunteer service to the state, national and educational institutions of Naturopathic Medicine.


People get better here. My patients show up all-in, and they share their story with me. Together we review their medical and personal history and create a targeted plan out of the most effective and specific tools available, focusing on what caused the problem - restoring life to their lives.

My patients maintain relationships with their conventional providers, and consult with me on how to make the most of natural medicine.  Because I speak the language of conventional medicine, we can all communicate on behalf of our shared desired outcome, Health.  I work in-person and from a distance, within the United States.  It is all the same – a conversation, a plan and then follow-up for feedback and adjustments.  Simple yet comprehensive.  Targeted yet Whole Person.  That is the beauty of what we will do together.