Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)

Clarence’s story: In July 2018, I began to have vision problems.  I made an appointment with my eye doc.  Eventually, I landed in Baylor University Eye Clinic with a Neuro Ophthalmologist who stated that he thought I had LHON.  In December 2018 the genetic testing revealed I had LHON, strain 13513. I was told to get used to being visually impaired, nothing could be done.  I was also told to stop smoking cigars and stop drinking alcohol.  I did stop smoking cigars and stopped drinking alcohol.  I want to note I smoked a cigar a day and drank 4 beers a week.

In March 2019 I began seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell, ND.   Dr. Daenell prescribed supplements intended to boost the functioning of my mitochondria.  She also insisted that I eat 100% organic. I embarked upon a 100% organic, vegan diet for a couple months.  After a couple months, I added organic animal protein once a day. Dr. Daenell urged exercise. I exercise for an hour, 4 times per week…aerobic and free weights. My sight has steadily improved.

I was tested in September 2019. I have 20/30 in my right eye, 20/40 in my left. Together they operate as 20/30.  Last week I got my driver’s license!!!  

Notes from the doctor:  This is a complex diagnosis that conventional medicine does not have an answer for.  When these types of health challenges come my way,  I start by looking at the "why" or the cause, as it is explained in the medical research literature.  Then I compare what isn't working optimally in the organs, tissues, cells, sub-cellular organelles and biochemistry to the way I know diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements might help things work more normally, again.  In the case of LHON, it comes down to two important considerations: The health and function of the optic nerve and the health and function of the mitochondria.  Additionally, we know from the research that toxicity plays an important role.  Finally, we observed that stress played an important role in the severity of vision loss.  This led me to build upon the following:

  1. Cleaning up the diet

  2. Improving lifestyle

  3. Stress management

  4. Supporting mitochondria

  5. Supporting optic nerve

It was important to me, to work with someone that was willing and able to make the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary for optimizing health, while being willing and able to take several targeted nutritional supplements, chosen for their specific quality and efficacy.  As someone with many years of experience as a scientific and technical advisor to the nutraceutical industry on raw materials, formulation and protocol development, I was uniquely positioned to select the just-right supplement ingredients.  As someone that was ready and willing, Clarence put in place the dramatic diet and lifestyle changes, and committed to the nutritional supplement protocol.  Together, we made a difference.

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