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There’s More to Bone Health than Calcium (or Medication!)

Bone health is important, because there is a higher risk of life-threatening events associated with the complications of Osteoporosis than with breast cancer. But we have the power to heal those challenges!  But there is more to bone health than “good calcium”.

Did you know that some of the popular new bone drugs actually compromise the health of bone building cells? 

Even the highest quality minerals may not work as well on a weak bone matrix when other important nutrients and growth factors are not working with them to support all of the aspects of bone health.  Important factors include:

Bio Available forms of minerals -  all forms of minerals are not created equally.
Variety of Minerals – there is more to bone health than calcium.
Growth Factors  - this is the “directional” that tells bone to make bone the way bone naturally makes bone.
Collagen – stomach acid disables regular silica, you need a non-polymerizing form to see results.
* Vitamin D — the correct and bio available form serves as a vital nutrient in meaningful doses.
* Vitamin K – K2 in the natural form, that works longest in the body for optimal support.

As doctors in Denver have observed my work and referred their patients to me, Bone Health has become a sub-specialty in my practice, because patients taking these nutrients do not report serious adverse effects associated with some conventional approaches.

Don't wait!  I made bone health easy in my practice because I put the important supplements in packets for easy twice per day dosing, even on the go!

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