When the Fat is Not Your Fault

Doing Everything Right and Getting it All Wrong?

Doing everything right and getting it all wrong?  What if it’s not your fault?  Let’s face it, some of us are eating less and exercising more and yet, our weight and energy continue to fall out of balance.  What’s going on here?

Why are you doing everything right and getting it so wrong?  Why are you eating less and exercising more only to watch your weight and energy continue to fall out of balance?
Simple – Age and the Environment.  These two factors play a destructive role in slowing our metabolism (how fast you burn that last meal), depleting our cellular energy production (maintaining health and feeling vital), and actually program our bodies for more fat production and storage.

The Problem

Age and the Environment break down our metabolism.
Do you remember the Human Toxome Project?  Bill Moyers showed the accumulated levels of toxins that could be measured in our bodies over time.  Did you know that those toxins actually drive fat production and storage through genetic signalling?

The Solution

We can Rebuild our Metabolism, Optimize our Genetics, and Tweak our Good Lifestyle Choices for better results.

Rebuilding our Metabolism can happen simply by making more mitochondria in our cells and supporting how they work.  This fuels our metabolism.  How?  Because we make most of our cellular energy in our mitochondria and cellular energy is our metabolism!
Optimizing our Genetics can be as simple as bringing down toxicity and inflammation.  Why?  Because genetically we only produce and store more fat as necessary to wrap up toxins and inflammatory components thereby protecting us from them.  Reducing toxins and inflammation not only makes us healthier, it lessens our need to protect ourselves from them by producing and storing fat!

Small tweaks in our Lifestyle Choices can affect how we balance our weight and energy.  From the types of exercises we choose to the clean and nutritionally dense foods calorically balanced for protein, carbs, and healthy fats – it all serves to support metabolism, our genetic programming around fat production and storage and also to preserve muscle during weight loss.  Muscle mass is key to making all of our efforts sustainable long after the diet is over.  This is one of the major mistakes made in the way we diet and lose weight in America.
We have a say in how this will go for us.  Targeted nutritional supplements are the first step. 

Targeted Nutritional Supplements for Metabolic Repair:

  • Make More Mitochondria

  • Support the Mitochondrial Biochemistry that Makes Cellular Energy

  • Provide the Nutritional Building Blocks for Cellular Energy

Choosing specific natural substances shown to increase the actual number of mitochondria in our cells, support optimal biochemistry for building cellular energy inside of those mitochondria (especially a series of pathways called “oxidative phosphorylation") and also to provide the actual building blocks for that cellular energy (called adenosine tri-phosphate or ATP) is an empowering way to be pro-active when weight and energy fall out of balance with age.

Powerful Nutritional Supplements to Reduce Toxicity and Inflammation:

  • Optimize Liver and Bowel Detoxification Biochemistry

  • Normalize Immune Function

  • Support Optimal Genetic Expression

Research on targeted nutritional supplements has shown that we can support our bodies’ natural detoxification and immune function to optimize the way toxins leave our bodies and normalize the way our immune system and even our genetics respond to life as a human being.  When the immune system misbehaves, inflammation ensues.  So when it comes to immune health, normal is optimal.

Smarter Lifestyle – Good to Great:

  • Nutritional Density

  • Clean Nutrition

  • Balanced Movement

Smart tweaks in our already good lifestyle can help us get and stay in our sweet spot – for a life better lived!

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