Perimenopause - The Sneak Attack

Irritability, insomnia and overall lack of well-being.  Could it be Perimenopause?

It’s the stuff that flies under the radar that ultimately takes us down.  Perimenopause is the classic stealth life-wrecker.  Why?  Because the symptoms seem so vague, sometimes come on so slowly and are so often ignored by our gynecologists and primary care docs that we simply don’t know any better.

Worse… although Perimenopause strikes at “a certain time” in our lives… the age of onset varies so much, how are we to know that it’s the culprit in our woes?

When I teach all-things hormonal, and I get to this section of the material… I call it the “everything goes phase”  Why?  Periods are closer together, or further apart, heavier or lighter, maybe more headaches, maybe night sweats… maybe not.  Mood changes can vary from irritability, to anxiety to mild depression.  All subtle changes to our otherwise great life, or worse… come on during a particularly challenging time in our life… and nothing stands out as an obvious reason to reach out for support, get the help we need and take back our balance.

So… what happens when we reach out?  Often it ranges from “you are just getting older” to “here’s a prescription for birth control or an anti-depressant… or both”.  In any case… you are not getting to the underlying reason for your “ick” and therefore you end up facing weight imbalances and sexual dysfunction, secondary to the “help” you received.

Sound familiar?

There’s a better way… use the best of science and nature to balance the hormone disruption specific to your body at this stage and take back normal.  There’s more to this time in our lives than ducking down and giving in… but natural balance is key to a vital walk down the path of our 40’s, and beyond. 

Am I in Perimenopause?

  • Age 36 - 50+ and still having periods

  • Irritability – Anxiety – Depression

  • Sleep Challenges

  • Headaches – Migraines

  • Night Sweats – Night Heat

  • Weight Imbalances without Lifestyle Changes

  • Fatigue

  • Joint Pain

  • Period Changes

What do I do about it?

  • Have your case really taken!

  • Consider plant based bio-identical hormone balancing, when it is a fit for your case

  • Help your liver handle your estrogen in a healthier way

What can I expect?

  • Mood balance

  • Sleep Quality

  • Energy and Vitality (Enthusiasm and Motivation)

  • Weight Balance

  • Headache Resolution

  • Period Regularity

  • Better Sense of Well-Being